Saturday, July 16, 2011

July's handicap didn't get me down!

I've been having some trouble with my home computer so sorry this update is so late...This post is long, but I've been on a lot of adventures in July :)
July started out a little bumpy, but it didn't get me down! I am so blessed that I am able to go on vacations this year because I am in remission! However, I learned all about Vicodin again when I fractured my foot right before my family vacation to Marblehead. Good ol' laptop fell right down on it and gave me an avulsion fracture (the tendon tears away from the bone, taking a piece of the bone with it). I know, crazy, but either I'm really unlucky or chemo really does make your bones weak. So now I am wearing this black boot for another few weeks until I get an xray and hopefully it will be healed with no surgery or pins required. It actually feels a ton better than what it was, I can move my foot in all directions, but I know when I overdo it and it's not fun. I'm trying to be good and keep my boot on but the water is just so temping! Oh well, I'm doing my best to follow doctor's orders while still keeping my vacations going. I've been through worst things than this! ;) On the upside, the chiropractic visits are giving my back the most relief of everything we have tried so far! That is outstanding news! It doesn't give me full relief yet, but it's something! I go back to my neurologist in August and to the foot doctor at the end of the month. I'll keep you updated!

To my surprise, it never looked all that bad. It was swollen, and I was for sure I would see black and blue, but I just got a lot of green on the whole left side of my foot. Captain Andrew! This man went fishing almost every morning we were at Marblehead and caught a lot of fish. He treated the whole family to his famous pan fried perch fish and it was a huge success to everyone who was there! The next few pictures are a funny story. My sister wanted to tube, but she hates lake water. So here she is when she fell off the tube and my brother went in to 'save' her because she couldn't get back on the tube cause she didn't want her feet to touch the water...I was crying I was laughing so hard as she was screaming! You had to be there! The next one is a view of Cedar Point from the lake and then my niece Maci who is now one and Chloe! The last two are of some family fun...Pirate's Dice with my cousins, parents, siblings (and Susie!), aunt and uncle, and grandparents...MANY LAUGHS THAT NIGHT!!!! Once again we did not take a family picture...I have no idea how we keep forgetting! But we had tons of family there and they really dealt with me through all my meds and mood changes...we certainly are a family who sticks together and I thank God and pray for my family everyday for how they have helped me before, during, and after cancer :)

We also went to an Indians/Reds game with the Morris' in July! Nothing like some friendly rivalry and I cheered like crazy for Grady Sizemore in honor of you Michelle Mielecki...I know you have not missed one game from heaven, Miss Grady Lady! It was great weather and a great game...Cleveland won of course!! This was really neat though, during the National Anthem an eagle flew across the field! Totally breathtaking! We have already determined that more games are a must for next summer :) Or we could just have our babies then huh 'laina? ;)

And then I got to visit my friend Amy in Dallas, Texas for a couple days too! I have been busy this July...and all this with a fractured foot! YOU REALLY CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TOO! You just have to NEVER GIVE IN and DO IT! :):) She is having her second baby next week and I was so glad I was able to go down there, help her get ready for the baby and keep her and Juliana company while her husband worked. One night, the lights went out and we heard this loud noise. Something blew up outside and I swear it was because it was so HOT there! 105 degrees is HOTTT! We finished our chat by candles and I had to take a picture so I would remember that night...I fealt awful for her because pregnancy and no air conditioning do not mix well! She also introduced me to something called bubble tea...and I became an addict! Everyday I was there we had to go get another coconut milk bubble tea from Boba Tea! Its a Malaysian drink that has little chewy like gummy bears at the was SO GOOD! And I was able to go to the market and get some yummy curry ingredients, Andrew was super excited about this! I loved helping her clean and play with Juliana and how she introduces me to so many new ideas about cultures and mommyhood. Thanks Amy! I'm so excited to meet the newest baby when they come back to Ohio in October! And if she is anything like Juliana...I may just have to keep her here :) Oh and I got to sit first class on the flight home! I wanted to take pictures but I thought they might laugh at me...they serve you hot nuts and cookies, and give you REAL glasses and blankets! Another thing checked off my Bucket List!!

I've also been busy back at home in LimaLand...I got to have a girls night with some great friends and their new babies, we've been to the lake tubing with our family and friends and my tan is looking much better than last year ;), and last Sunday we rode to Sidney on the motorcycle with about 10 other people from the fire department who have bikes too. That was awesome taking the country roads with other bikes. It was a bummer that Andrew had to work on Saturday though and we couldn't ride our motorcycle with the others for the Dan King Poker Run (I did get to make it out for a little bit, and some memories were made, love you buddy :) Last year, I had chemo the day before so I couldn't go on the run then either. Its hard to describe how this summer is so different from last summer. Cancer was on my mind 100% of the time last year and now, I hardly think of it. Its like I am this whole different person and it is quite a change and is actually kinda draining some days trying to find out who I am again without cancer. Or who I was before cancer and who I want to be now.

Taking these vacations have given me some insight though.... In the month of July, I have been away from technology and the instant social connections because of vacations and actually, I have enjoyed it. I haven't had a computer or my phone right next to me every minute. I feel bad that the generation growing up today will not know a time when everyone didn't know everything about everyone because of how connected the whole world is these days. Spending time with my family and friends in person these past few weeks has brought me back to how important it is to have real relationships, close people you can trust to talk to about your struggles in life and share the joys in life with. It's been easier to figure out who I am again because I'm giving myself more time to explore rather than watch tv or be on the computer. Life is too short to live it through other people I've found out :) The past few weeks have really showed me the kind of balance I want in my life. I'd give anything to have these experiences again because of how I feel like I have a part of real LIFE back again :)

Having cancer gave me a year full of insights. There is no reason why we can't keep growing if we keep living like there is no tomorrow. I can't worry about the past because I can't change history and I can't worry about the future because I'm only given today. So live today, pray today, and have the courage to change your day if you don't like it. It's great :) Love and prayers you all...